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Our services incorporate a perfect blend of strategy, creative and delivery – all based on our deep knowledge, connection and expertise within the automotive industry

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Maybe you’d like to collaborate on developing your marketing strategy? Or maybe you have a brand communication problem? Perhaps you’ve got your strategy nailed but you need to bring it alive with engaging content and creative design? 

We offer a comprehensive range of automotive marketing services. We work across multiple marketing channels and ‘join all the dots’ to ensure your messages cut through, connect with your customers and get them to act. From developing brand strategy to deploying communications across print, digital and live events, we use our experience, connections and resources to make sure your story matters to your market.

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Automotive Product Marketing

CMB specialise in the automotive aftermarket and high performance sectors. Find out more about our Automotive Product Marketing

Automotive Product Marketing

Our experience

CMB understands automotive and high performance engineering markets and how they buy products and services just like yours. We know the media channels and best routes to market, whether you sell to B2B or B2C markets.

 Our clients benefit from

  • Increased brand awareness and a wider reach
  • A more differentiated offer and improved market positioning
  • Better audience engagement
  • More quality sales leads
  • Successful penetration into export markets
  • Industry and global insight
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Marketing and design work for Cummins
We embrace design and creativity as a strategic solution to better problem solving, making sure your time, energy and marketing spend actually makes a difference

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