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I’m a marketing and creative professional with considerable experience in the automotive, motorsport and high performance engineering industries. Working across international markets, I offer a global view point, with creative thinking, on brand development and commercially focused marketing communications.

The Opportunity in Disruption

The Opportunity in Disruption: How marketing during a recession will help global automotive companies to thrive An interview with GlobalAutoIndustry.com In this interview, CMB Automotive Marketing CEO, Chris Bowers, gives his view on how disruption in automotive supply chain and the post-pandemic downturn, creates opportunity to reposition your brand and grow with continued marketing and [...]

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International Automotive Branding

International Automotive Branding How to develop your automotive brand for global markets. An interview with GlobalAutoIndustry.com Discover the key considerations around developing your automotive brand for a global a global market place. In this 13 minute interview with GlobalAutoIndustry.com our CEO and automotive branding expert, Chris Bowers, discusses his experience, advice and guidance on brand [...]

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Keys to Digital Marketing Success for a Global Automotive Audience

Keys to Digital Marketing Success for a Global Automotive Audience Listen to the Interview on www.globalautoindustry.com In this podcast, the 2nd interview in the series, CMB's director, Chris Bowers, shares his insight and expertise on some of the main considerations to take into account to create a successful global digital marketing strategy for companies in [...]

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Coming to America

Interested in exporting to, or operating your automotive business in the USA? From our offices at Silverstone and in Detroit, CMB are ideally placed to help automotive companies looking to build their business in the USA. Whether you are exporting or establishing operations in North America, CMB can help your automotive brand, win new clients, [...]

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