The best thing for changing your corporate identity…
It’s corporate, not personal.

One of the easiest things to get excited over is a brand new identity. Corporate.. not personal! It’s easy to get ahead of yourself while working on a branding or new corporate identity project, but more often than not, as with any name change, you find yourself scrambling. Worse off, delaying the whole project because you’re slowly finding out, too late in the process, what really goes into a full identity change. 

 Now, this isn’t some blah post, I’m from a marketing agency “How To Change Your Company Name”. 

 It’s better. It’s better because it is something you can actually use and navigate easily.

Relying on yourself to take on the daunting task of a brand-new cool shiny name requires extensive brainstorming and a due diligence process that is often best left for the professionals. Just leave that to us! Check out our rebranding services

This is a checklist, and it is centered solely on changing your corporate identity during a rebrand. I’ve put it together to help you understand what steps need to be taken to successfully complete said name changes and try not to frustrate your internal team during the process! 

 I am a list maker by nature but more importantly for work and large projects. It’s that extra step to keep me organized for the important things I need to bring to the table. Getting everything on paper also helps me to chill out. This way I can review and review again when needed, and not rely on my overstimulated brain for a moment. 

 So, here I am with a checklist to bring order to your chaos.


Changing your corporate identity as part of your rebrand

 Perspective is everything. A company’s corporate identity is the overall image that is created and placed in the minds of your customers, investors, employees, competitors, and community. 


First stop: Legal Entity Name Change

  • Reserve your new corporate name
  • Change legal entity

           file the appropriate paperwork with the state or country registered in 

           Tip – do your research  vs ® and determine what’s best for your company and/or products. 

           Make sure to file applications for foreign trademark registration in all countries doing business in. 

  • Register preferred domain names and any domain names that are closely related to your new name. You really don’t want your competitors picking these up in the absence. This could result in a costly oversight. 
  • Rename existing Social Media accounts (LinkedIn, IG, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok) -or- reserve names for new accounts to be set up. 
  • If publicly traded, comply with any additional requirements of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). 

After implementation – update ownership information to your new legal entity for: 

  • Copyrights with the US Copyright Office  
  • Domain name registrars 
  • Social media accounts 
  • Other IP registered in foreign countries (if applicable)- check EUIPO (European Trademarks) and UK Intellectual Property Registrar
  • Google My Business – Update name information across all locations and business offices 
  • Advertising Accounts such as Google Ads, DV360, etc. 
  • Mobile apps on iOS and Android 
  • Corporate Email Accounts and Email Signatures 
  • Corporate voicemail – Not just office lines, make sure to have all of your mobile users update their recorded voicemail messages as well. People are more likely to leave a message when they know who they’ve contacted. Nothing worse than a voicemail that is not set up… 

Don’t forget to notify: 

  • Banks and Financial Institutions 
  • Employees 
  • Secured parties that have financial statements filed 
  • Tax Authorities – Federal, State, Local 
  • Professional Service Firms – Accounting / Law
  • Insurance Carriers/brokers 
  • Vendors 
  • Suppliers 
  • Distributors 
  • Customers 
  • Logistics providers 
  • Landlords 
  • Trade associations and organizations 
  • Memberships
  • Sponsorships
  • Utilities – Internet / Phones / etc. 
  • Post Office 

To Update: 

  • Insurance Policies
  •  Contracts 
  • Leases / deeds / mortgages / property records 
  • Directory listings 


Things Needing to be Changed Graphically

Don’t sleep on this. These items need to be thought through at the early stages! 

  • Logo 
  • Colors 
  • Typography
  • Rules on how to use those three 
  • Bundle all of that up into an Identity Standards Book. If you’re working with us, we do this for you so go ahead and check that one right off. Feel that tiny dopamine boost.

If you have internal departments handling the following, or even just that lone ranger in each dept, you want to make sure these people are made aware early on and receive a copy of your new Identity Standards as soon as it’s developed.

  • Employees involved in advertising 
  • Public relations 
  • Sales and marketing teams  
  • Corporate communications
  • Human Resources 
  • Product design and development 

The Identity Standards is what sets the rules for how your new name and branding will be used. Trust me on this being an important one. A logo that’s formatted incorrectly can be a lights out on your professionalism. It cheapens your brand. 

  • Website design– make sure to edit metadata with new company information
  • Stationery and envelopes – now would be a great time to go paperless!
  • Invoices – update company information, logos, and any watermarks used 
  • Letterhead
  • Print Materials – Brochures, flyers, Posters, etc. 
  • Business Cards – for every last person. May be best to make another list of who needs business cards along with title and contact info. Staple that to this list. 
  • Advertisements – print and digital 
  • Sponsorships – make sure you call that raceway to change out that busted old banner
  • Memberships – Company information and directory logos
  • Social Media Account Icons 

Product Labelling and/or Packaging 

  • Vinyl
  • Lettering 
  • Paint 
  • Wraps
  • Name Emblems 
  • Product Packaging – do you have that cool packing tape for boxes that has your logo or tagline on it? change that too!

Representation in Signage 

  • Headquarter Offices 
  • Sales Offices / Sales Departments 
  • Manufacturing Sites 
  • Show Rooms / Retail Locations
  • Delivery Trucks 
  • Company Vehicles 
  • Service Vehicles 
  • Retail Kiosks and Customer Facing Displays
  • Event displays – Flags, Banners, Tents, Backdrops, etc. btw we have a great deal of experience in trade shows. Check out our Trade Show Marketing Playbook
  • Event uniforms – Don’t. forget. The. Shirts. Last-minute uniform orders can be convenient but could cost double. Better yet, plan ahead and use a discount code. Tip: calling and asking for one never hurts…  

 This list is best divided between a team of executors but if you don’t have that option, then give yourself time, and assign a few items to check off each day. If you think THIS list is extensive, you should see my mom’s excel shopping list… I was raised in this environment. I’ll spare you…

Download our free checklist below and start throwing those checkmarks around. Call us if you need help! 

Automotive rebranding checklist