CMB Automotive Marketing has partnered with Insignia Group to expand operations into e-retailers for the Automotive Industry.

CMB’s expertise in developing effective marketing strategies, creating compelling content, and deploying successful campaigns will benefit Insignia Group as the company accelerates into automotive’s digital retailing era. By working closely with CMB, Insignia Group is confident that a wider audience of dealerships will be reached, expanding the company’s customer base through integrating with digital auto retailer platforms.

“Automotive Digital Retailing is providing dealerships with an unprecedented opportunity to merchandise automotive accessories, unlike any other time,” says David Copp Stringer, Insignia Group CEO. “Insignia Group is in the right place, at the right time to enable a consumer experience that offers Vehicle Personalization during the car sale—all managed by Fixed Operations. We have selected CMB to help us tell our story based on their deep industry understanding and creative process.”

CMB will be providing a range of strategic services to Insignia Group, including brand positioning and campaign development. Working closely with our internal marketing team, CMB will develop a strategy that solidifies Insignia Group as the ultimate partner for accessories in the automotive industry.

CMB’s CEO, Chris Bowers, said, “We’re excited to begin this partnership with Insignia Group; to help them position their brand as the leading accessories e-retail integrator on the market and to guide the development of a marketing strategy that will take them to the next level.”

The partnership is expected to yield significant results for Insignia Group, growing what the company has developed over the last two decades, a cutting-edge technology that dealerships and digital retailers need today.

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About Insignia Group

Insignia Group is the leading provider of digital accessory selling platforms in the showroom and online. Through partnerships with major digital retailers, Insignia Group enables dealers to sell accessories to their customers with custom pricing, no matter where the customer is shopping. Insignia Group has been serving dealerships nationwide and abroad for more than twenty years.

About CMB

CMB Automotive Marketing is a specialist automotive marketing and branding agency headquartered in the Detroit Metropolitan Area and with offices in the UK. CMB offers unrivalled international expertise in the automotive industry, with a portfolio of success in strategically leading marketing for companies that span the globe.