Automotive Marketing Agency, CMB Automotive, today announced their membership of the US based Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA), as a means to support the Tier One OE automotive supply chain in North America and as a commitment to furthering the growth of their US operations.

The OESA goal is to champion the business interests of automotive original equipment (OE) suppliers. The Association addresses issues of common concern and advocates on behalf of the supplier community. OESA fosters collaboration throughout the supply chain, represents the supplier voice in Washington, D.C., and helps members make critical business decisions. Membership of the OESA allows CMB Automotive to join an immense network of member executives gaining access to dialog with OEMs while connecting directly with their primary customer base.

“By joining the OESA, we aim to be front and center of the North American automotive industry, engaging in hot topics in the sector with major key players. We will be taking an active part as keynote speakers at events, with subject matter expertise and presentations that help educate on the importance of marketing and branding. As we continue to build awareness of the CMB brand, strengthen our credibility across North America, we’re looking to create stronger direct relationships with US automotive suppliers. We’re excited to be able to demonstrate our expertise and experience in developing successful marketing strategies for the automotive supply chain and how we build powerful automotive brands. I look forward to getting to know as many members as I can through the numerous networking opportunities and industry events organized by this well-known and well-respected industry association.”

“I’m personally focused on driving CMB Automotive Marketing’s increased business growth and I see membership of the OESA as an obvious route to supporting the OE supply chain as well as enhancing our US profile and building credibility within the automotive industry in North America. I’m personally looking forward to becoming an active member and advocate, to help build more effective international connections, feeding directly into our expertise and experience, supported by our operations through the US, UK and Europe.”

Chris Bowers, CEO


CMB Automotive Marketing Agency is a specialist automotive marketing and branding agency headquartered in the Detroit Metropolitan Area, Royal Oak, MI, and in Northampton in the UK. CMB offers the full range of automotive marketing services and international expertise that is unrivalled in the industry with a portfolio of successful case studies that span the globe.

If you would like more information on CMB in the U.S., contact us or reach out direct to and we’ll provide you with effective automotive marketing solutions for your business.

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