Keys to Digital Marketing Success for a Global Automotive Audience

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2nd interview in the series, CMB’s director, Chris Bowers, shares his insight and expertise on some of the considerations to take into account to create a successful global digital marketing strategy for the automotive companies.

In the interview, Chris discusses the importance of understanding your market, the differences in how countries and regions around the world access the internet and some practical ideas to inform any automotive company’s global digital marketing.

In the 13-minute Audio Interview, Chris answers these questions:

  • As a global industry, many automotive companies operate across multiple countries and territories. What implications does this have for marketing teams and what should companies focus on to be able to deliver brand messages to their customers?
  • How can companies ‘globalise’ their digital approach and what are some of the key elements to consider?
  • You mentioned that many countries use the internet in different ways. Can you expand on this for us?
  • What about the technicalities of operating a global website. What should companies consider in their efforts to market on an international stage?
  • We’ve covered some good basics around the internet and an approach to build good international websites. What other digital marketing channels are useful for a global approach?
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