International Trade Show Marketing

Our Managing Director, Chris Bowers, was recently interviewed by Global Business Professor for a webcast, to give his expertise and insight on International Trade Show Marketing, along with some key considerations companies should think about when looking to exhibit on a global stage.

From the webcast…

Global Business Professor’s latest Audio Interview, “International Trade Show Marketing” features Chris Bowers, Managing Director of CMB Automotive Marketing, and international marketing communications expert.

In the 13-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Bowers discusses the opportunities available to automotive companies in exhibiting at trade shows, both in their local region and internationally; As exhibiting at trade shows can be expensive and take a lot of resources, he shares advise on what companies should do for marketing to make sure they get the most out of them; The key things to consider when taking part in international trade shows; How technology is changing how we take part in trade shows, and what those opportunities are; and concludes with his final thoughts.

You can listen to the webcast on International Trade Show Marketing here

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