Does your automotive website pass the 5 second rule?

For most automotive companies, your website is probably the biggest and best weapon in your marketing arsenal. It has the potential to develop new sales and convert visitors into customers. As a marketing tool, your website should appeal to your target audience, give them the information they’re looking for, engage with them and drive your visitors through to conversion points, helping to meet your business objectives.

Is your website doing this?

When a visitor lands on your website you have under 5 seconds to make an impression on them – should they stay (and look for more information on your products and services) or should they go (this site’s not for me).

You need to answer three questions within the first 5 seconds or you wont stand a cat in hell’s chance to convert your visitors:

Who is this website for?

What can I do here?

Why should I do it?

Lets have a look at why these simple questions are so important.

Who is this website for?

Your visitor is asking – is this for me? Am I going to find what I’m looking for here? Is it relevant and will it help solve my problems?

Too often, automotive companies seem to design their websites for themselves, fulfilling the needs of the company and the perceived needs of management – not their customers.

Your website is for your customers – not for you.

What can I do here?

What information can I find? Do you have the product specs or can I watch a video demonstration. Is there useful information or is it fun and engaging? Can I get involved? Can I find what I was looking for?

Give your visitors the information they need to make a purchase decision – and don’t expect them to jump into a sale straight from the home page (they wont). Do some wooing first. Give them product details, specifications, demos, case studies – you name it, whatever they need to help them make the decision that, yes, this company is who I will buy from.

Why should I do it?

Perhaps the most over looked of all the questions. What’s in it for me?

Why should I sign up to your news letter?

Why ‘click here’ for more information?

Why contact you now?

What’s in it for your visitor? What do they get?

All too often websites are asking visitors to take actions without specifically letting them know what they’ll get if they do. Building trust between your company and your customers is key to generating new business and sales and it starts on your website.

Use clear and obvious Calls-to-Action to encourage visitors to follow a link or sign up for your news letters or download the product spec. or whatever it is you want them to do. Don’t just assume they’ll know why they should. Spell out the benefits and frame it from their point of view – not yours.

Remember, your website is for your customers – not for you.

When a visitor understands that by taking a specific action (via the Call-to-Action) this will help solve their problems, the chance of conversion increases dramatically, trust is built and you’re on your way to a new sale.

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